If you have :81 seconds, go ahead and click on this video.

A minimum of three smiles guaranteed. 

Click here if you want to sample Jay's message delivered to more than 4,000 folks over last Father's Day weekend.

Dad, no matter what your kid does, can you say, "I love you.  It'll be okay.  We'll get through this together"?

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Click here to watch the lyric video of The Jesus Dare (Dare to Believe).  A song sung inspired by the book and sung by Nashville recording artist, Derek Charles Johnson. At you can also find the lyrics, a chord chart, and a countdown video to play before your church service!

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Christmas 2018. 

More love and joy than I deserve.


Summer 1998 in St. Charles.

Rae Anne dominates in the Colonial Ice Cream Eating Contest at the Pride of the Fox Festival.  The story is told in chapter 15 of my book 

52 Things Daughters Need from their Dad.


Holding Alec.

Jay's first day as a dad.


Jay's 40th birthday.

A busy and awesome season of life.


Rita Anne, my high school sweetheart. 

I loved her then. And more every day since.


Thanksgiving 2016. 

Kaitlin, Isaac, Emerson, Rachel, Gideon, Judah, Randall, Rae Anne, Lindsay, Alec, Megan, Reese, Max & Jackson.


Rita stood beside me as I snapped this pic.



Isaac and Max. 

One of the greatest pics of all time.

(Proving Chapter 10 in the book Quick Tips for Busy Families.)



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