52 Things for Forever Fathers
to Never Forget
The Dad Manifesto is a 12" x 18" poster. Written by Jay and designed by Rex Bohn.  
As you can see, it's all about reminding dads to do life with their kids. I had a limited number offset printed in striking black ink on white linen paper. It's perfect for framing and a great gift for your favorite dad. 
Email me ( or send me your address and $25 and I'll ship one to you in a sturdy cardboard tube,
After they saw the poster, Harvest House asked me to expand on these 52 ideas and it became a pretty sweet book, 101 Things Great Dads Do.
I also have a small supply of that book on hand.  Or just order it online.


Finally, let me know and I'll come to your church or men's group and do a 30 - 90 minute talk for dads based on these ideas -- lots of laughs and a few tender moments.
All that to say, if you are intrigued by "The Dad Manifesto," give me a call or send a note and we'll figure out next steps.



8.5" x 11" B&W Mini-Poster  


With minimal  finagling, you may actually be able to download above image and print it off! Go for it.  No charge!



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