Books from Daddy


The mission of Books from Daddy is wonderfully simple. 

"Freely give canvas bags of children's picture books

to dads in at-risk neighborhoods."


Imagine this.  


What would happens if ten thousand canvas bags of kid-friendly picture books were given to ten thousand dads in the toughest neighborhoods in town?

Maybe a few disconnected fathers would choose to trash can that bag of books. That would be sad, but it might happen.

Of course, any involved dad will take those seven or eight books home and give them to his kids. That's awesome.  In many homes, books are in short supply.


But here's the big idea.  


Many of those canvas bag just might motivate some daddies to go see a son or daughter they haven't seen in months. That boy or girl will run to the door and give him a hug.  They will spend an evening curled up on a couch paging through storybooks and laughing together. And maybe that man's ex-wife or ex-girlfriend will give him a smile. 

We already know how books can expand the imagination of a child.  Giving them new ideas, hope, and a window to the world.  Books from Daddy can do all that and remind dads that they matter.  

If you know a pastor, outreach ministry, police unit, or any organization who might want to hand out "Books from Daddy," let us know.  With a little notice we will get you 20 - 1000 canvas bags filled with picture books. We are especially eager to help dads connect with their kids in at-risk Chicago neighborhoods.











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